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My Black Pearl
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Black Pearl
This pearl is precious unto me
Though it be black as it can be
It is as perfect, smooth and round
As any white one to be found
There was I time I wished to be
As clear and full of purity
As crystal water from the well
Or a single, snowy pearl

But I took all my wishing back
The day I noticed that the black
Was not from dirt nor dust of coal
But from the depths inside my soul

There is a place where angels keep
A vigil quieter than sleep
Because not even dreams may go
Into the twilight of my soul

by: Lisa G. Leming


Alfa Adelante
del Citone
Prinz v.Norden Stamm Quinn dei Nabili Nati Runo di Nobli Nati
Tairi di Campovalano
Kastra v.Norden Stamm Ebo v.d. Groote Maat
Alida v. Flandrischen Löwen
Tequila Mali del Citone Lucifer v.Roveline Baron Brayan v. Harro's Berg
Jenna v.Roveline
Haina del Citone Ebo v.d. Groote Maat
Alfa del Citone
Mia de Fassano Luther des Landrys Graaf Quirinus v.
Neerlands Stamm
Hertog Alpha v Le Dobry
Dea Dolores. v. Franckenhorst
Havila Tara des Landrys Hertog Conan v. Manensheide
D'orlane des Landrys
Beersheva Novalis Mia v Norden Stamm Ebo van de Groote Maat
Anka vom Flandrischen Löwen
Erick v.d. Rappenau Hertog Alpha van Le Dobry
Anuschka vom Haberhof
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