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To achive great things, a man must live as if he would never die
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Mr Gabriele PROSPERI
A Man of Honour, My Friend, My Guiding Light.....

I couldn`t set up this website without mentioning You, Gabriele, because I`d like those who have not had the good fortune to know you to find out something about you. But I would have so much to say, and I`m going to have to keep it short.

A man of honour! Oh yes, you`re certainly that! A tireless worker and a fascinating, highly intelligent, sensitive man with an incredible personality. You start off from wherever you want, whenever you want, to end up wherever you want and whenever you want. Your iron will adds to your strength and enthusiasm; you always play with your cards on the table, you have that unique gift of making life beautiful all around you. Everything in you incites you to attempt what others have not dared to try, you are a fighter who is only attracted by great things...., a conqueror, and you never leave anyone indifferent about you.

You are an Epicurean, a Lover of Life, as all your passions show: the Doberman, nature, horses, birds of prey, a love of festivities, good music, good food, good wine… everything that is beautiful and noble! You showed your confidence in me when you didn`t know me, you gave me your time and listened to the novice that I was; you, the greatest of all breeders.

Thank you Gabri, thank you for your unconditional Friendship, thank you for having taught me so much and, above all, thank you for offering me Ayrton, the Dob of my Life! I love you very much, Gina and you!!

....and once again, BRAVO!, Mr PROSPERI !!!!!

Nice memory - My friend Simona, Gabriele and me
FerroFarah Gomez di Campovalano
Falco di Campovalano and me
To - -


The bowers whereat, in dreams, I see
The wantonest singing birds
Are lips - and all thy melody
Of lip-begotten words -


Thine eyes, in Heaven of heart enshrin'd
Then desolately fall,
O! God! on my funereal mind
Like starlight on a pall -


Thy heart - thy heart! - I wake and sigh,
And sleep to dream till day
Of truth that gold can never buy -
Of the trifles that it may.

by Edgar Allan Poe

Gamon and me

Daki and me