September, 7th
May, 11th
April, 21th

New Members for "Del Palazzo di Shanta Kennel"!

*Caliandro del Palazzo di Shanta - 13 months - Black male
son of our Sergius Aleksandrija Svetlana and Prinz Paris of Jahrestal.

* Ceca Zadora del Palazzo di Shanta - 13 months - Black female 100% natural Super sister of our Wonderful Caliandro.

*Caienna-Pia del Palazzo di Shanta - 12 months - Brown female
daughter of our Amalia Rodriguez DPDS and Graaf Monzon v.Neerland Stam.

*Dior-Eris (Brown female 100% natural) & Diamond-Eris del Palazzo di Shanta (black female) - 5 weeks - daughters of Zordan Zewi del Citone & our Borgia Lucrezia DPDS.

*Dottore Lecter DPDS - 5 weeks - Black male - son of Zordan Zewi del Citone & our Borgia Lucrezia DPDS - Owner: Mr Joseph DRUJAN - Singapore

Their pages are in construction.

August, 29th

August, 19th


Dear Dobermann Friends,
I hope to meet you at the  IDC World Championship 2007.
Best regards
Viva il Dobermann!!!
Pierluigi Pezzano





  • I want to thank my Dear Léna for her Super Work on my site during more then one year!
    Merci mille fois pour ton aide qui m'a été très précieuse ma chérie! à un moment de ma vie où, tu as été la seule et l'Unique personne à répondre présente pour moi!
    Tu es une Amie Merveilleuse & I wish you All The Best in your new life in UK!
  • One new Team for "Del Palazzo di Shanta!"
    Im happy and proud to announce you that my
    Friends Claudia and Heini have accepted to
    be the new webmasters of my website!
    Thanks a lot to you two! I'm sure that we're going
    to make very nice work together!





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Two of my Wonderful Banditos!
At left, "Eyrton DPDS" son of my Ceca Zadora DPDA & Ivanhoé-ISKANDAR di Altobello at 3,5 weeks and,
at right, my little Star at 12 days son of my Bomba Latina DPDS & the Multi & World Champion Zordan Zewi del CITONE!
20th of May 2009
"Eyrton Del Palazzo di SHANTA"
Son of Ceca Zadora Del Palazzo di Shanta and Ivanhoé Iskandar di Altobello at 3 weeks!

Le Multi Champion et Double Champion du Monde
"Zordan Zewi del CITONE" & ma "Bomba Latina del Palazzo di Shanta" sont les très heureux parents
de 14 Somptueux BB nés le 6 Mai 2009!
2 mâles M&F - 5 mâles N&F - 2 femelles M&f - 5 femelles N&F
Ma Big Band et leur magnifique Maman se portent bien!
Que du Bonheur!

The Multi Ch & World's Champion
"Zordan Zewi Del CITONE" & my "Bomba Latina Del Palazzo di Shanta" are the very proud parents
of 14 marvellous Babies who are born the 6th of May 2009!
2 males brown & tan - 5 males black & tan - 2 females brown & tan - 5 females black & tan!
My Big Band and her wonderful Mummy are in good health and the pups are growing so well!

*3th of May 2009

Dee-Jay DPDS, Diamond-Eris DPDS, Dior-Eris DPDS at 13 months & their Mummy Borgia Lucrezia Del Palazzo di Shanta.
Son and daughters of My Luce & the Multi Ch.ZORDAN ZEWI DEL CITONE
Future pages under construction.

Ceca Zadora and her Babies the day of birth!
Ceca Zadora & ses BB le jour de leur naissance!
19th of April 2009

April 2009

Barcelona - April 2009
Owners: Nuria & Esteve - "Kennel OF DEMONHEART"

March 2009:

Ceca Zadora Del Palazzo di Shanta x Ivanhoé ISKANDAR di Altobello

Nous avons la joie de vous faire part de la future naissance des "BB ROI", fils et filles de notre Incroyable "Ceca-Zadora Del Palazzo di Shanta" ("Prinz-Paris V.Jahrestal" x "Sergius Aleksandrija Svetlana") et de notre Magnifique "Ivanohé-ISKANDAR Di Altobello"( "Multi Ch. Ferrofarah Gomez Di Campovalano" x "Nikita For Eternity"). La naissance est prévue vers le 20 Avril 2009! ..................

We're so happy to announce you that our Wonderful "Ceca-Zadora Del Palazzo di Shanta" ("Prinz-Paris V.Jahrestal" x "Sergius Aleksandrija Svetlana") is pregnant of our Magnificient "Ivanohé-ISKANDAR Di Altobello"( "Multi Ch. Ferrofarah Gomez Di Campovalano" x "Nikita For Eternity").
The birth will take place around the 20th of April 2009!

March 2009

Bomba Latina Del Palazzo di Shanta x Multi Ch. Zordan Zewi Del Citone

"Une Star pour ma Bomba Latina!"

Ma "Bomba Latina Del Palazzo Di Shanta" fille du "Muti Ch.F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell" et de ma "Via-Vitessa de Léa Modéna" a été saillie les 20 et 21 Février 2009 par le très Célèbre et Double Champion du Monde "Zordan Zewi Del Citone" fils du Multi Champion et Double Champion du Monde "GINO GOMEZ DEL CITONE" et de la Somptueuse "Giada di Villa Conte"!

"One Big Star for my Bomba Latina!"

Im SO Happy to announce you that my "Bomba Latina Del Palazzo Di Shanta" daughter of the"Muti Ch.F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell" and my wonderful "Via-Vitessa de Léa Modéna" has been mated the 20th & 21th February 2009 by the Multi Ch. "Zordan Zewi Del Citone" son of "GINO GOMEZ DEL CITONE" & "Giada di Villa Conte"!
Congratulations "Maestro"! & Viva Il Dobermann!

February 2009:

I'm Super Proud and Happy to present you My BABY STAR! "DIAM'S ANGELINA DE DEMONHEART" at just 16 days!
She's as you can see, the marvellous daughter of my Handsome "Al Diamante del Palazzo di Shanta" and "My Bahia del Palazzo di Shanta" the 2 dogs of my Best Friends Nuria and Esteve breeders of "DEMONHEART KENNEL " - Barcelona
Congratulations to Nuria and Esteve to have made this Excellent combination (all the pups are Outstanding!) and to offer me this Incredible Jewel!

February 2009:

Im so proud to present you our "Dejan Donevic del Palazzo di SHANTA" at 5 months, son of our "Caliandro del Palazzo di SHANTA" & "Borgia Lucrezia del Palazzo di SHANTA". Dejan is in co-ownership with Our Big Friend, Mr Rade KOVACEVIC - TANDENBERG KENNEL - SERBIA -
You can see the pedigree of Dejan here : http://www.delpalazzodishanta.com/06_puppies_1.htm
Our Dejan is one Really Amazing Baby with one very strong and beautiful head (he looks like his Grand Father, My Ayrton di Campovalano!), his body is so short and compact, his angulations are Excellent, Exc top line, Very strong bones & his character is TOP!
Hes Our New Jewell and we have lots of hopes of him! Hes the Proud heir of the power of his ascendants!
Im sure that with Rade and all his big experience of Dobermanns, Dejan will become "UN GRAN CANE!"
Congratulations Rade, you're One Fantastic Breeder Brate!


12 Very Handome puppies all black are born the 7th of December 2008 out of our IVANHOE-ISKANDAR DI ALTOBELLO (Multi Ch.Ferrofarah Gomez di Campovalano X Nikita for Eternity) and ARDVINA DES SENTIERS BATTUS (Tiuz-Tyr Jerry Yannick des Sentiers Battus x Trefilova Natalia Istiee des Sentiers Battus).

The Mum and the Babies are in excellent conditions. All the Real Dob's Lovers will be able to see the impressive quality of the pedigree of the puppies!

For more informations, thank to contact:

Mr Philippe Cordillet
"DES SENTIERS BATTUS Kennel" since 1970
Localisation: South of France near Marseille
E-mail: cordillet@gmail.com
Website: http://sentiers-battus.chiens-de-france.com/
Mobil: + 33 6 75 41 53 13

Bella-Virna Del Palazzo di Shanta x Multi.Ch Fedor del Nasi


The puppies are expected around 10/01/2009.
To book a puppy please feel free to phone +33 6 12 04 55 25 (french) and the phone + 33 6 75 07 73 (english)


We're so happy to announce you that 8 marvellous puppies are born the 2th of September 2008 out of the union of our Magnificient Borgia Lucrèce del Palazzo di Shanta (Ayrton di Campovalano x Eris del Médiano) and our Splendid Caliandro del Palazzo di Shanta (Prinz Paris v.Jahrestal x Sergius Aleksandrija Svetlana).
Both of them are HDA / EYES FREE.
We have:
1 brown female
1 brown male
2 black males
4 black females
For more informations, thanks to send us one e-mail to piazadoramali@aol.com or you can also
call us to the N° + 33 6 60 75 04 73.

Our Babies are so wonderful and we have lots of hopes about this combination!

Female black and tan 100% natural -Date of Birth: 10.09.2006 - daughter of Ch.F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell and my Via-Vitessa de Léa Modéna, sister of My Bomba- Latina DPDS and my Be-Massaï & Beyoncé DPDS.
HDA, Eyes free
Genetic Identification N° F/S 008568
French confirmation by Monsieur C.Callejon the 31 of august 2008 to the NE of Dannemarie
TC 18/20

Judge: Madame Hassi Assenmacher, D
Intermediary Class,
1re excellent , CAC , CACIB

3th of October 2008
Judge: Dottore Pierluiggi.Pezzano
Working Class
4ème excellent

4th of October 2008
Judge: Erika Szokol
Working Class
4ème excellent

We are Really Proud and So Happy for all these excellent results of Our Bella-Virna whos one Wonderful and Complet Dobermann!
Bravissimo Virna and all The Best to your owners, our Big Friends, Mme & Mr Muriel and Alex Provini who deserve this Succes !
Patty & Velisav
mail: muriel.provini@laposte.net
Website: http://www.delacluseetmijoux.net/

SHOW OF BULLY LES MINES - Délégation Nord Picardie - FRANCE
Date : 28th of September 2008
Juge Mme Lynn Glass

Dzingarella Del Palazzo di Shanta (Bomba -Latina Del Palazzo di Shanta x Graaf Monzon v.Neerlands Stam)
TP Baby Class female black and tan.
Date of birth: 14th of May 2008
Owner :Mr Emeric Guyard
Bella-Virna Del Palazzo di Shanta (Via-Vitessa de Léa Modéna x Ch.F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell)
Black Female Working Class
1 Excellent - Best Female and BOB
Owners: Mme & Mr Muriel and Alex Provini
Many thanks My Friends! Virna is so Lucky to be your Princess!
We are so happy to present you Lady Phylis whos 9 years!
We have adopted our Angel few days ago with the big help of "Dobermann Assistance", one Fantastic French Dobermann Rescue Association.
Phylis is JUST ADORABLE! We hope that shell stay with us for many years!
Many Thanks to the Super Team of DA who makes the BEST to save many and many Dobermanns and lot's of others dogs!
If you wish to adopt one Dobermann ...................... http://www.dobermann-assistance.com/

On the picture, Phylis is at left with the gold collar! Behind Kinez, you can see the wonderful head of my Diamond-Eris DPDS (daughter of the World Champion Zordan Zewi del Citone and my Borgia-Lucrezia DPDS) at 6 months and, at right, the brown female is My Only-You (11 years) DPDS daughter of Gamon and my Maîway.

Mes Amis, n'hésitez pas à sauver un Dobermann quelque soit son âge! Ce n'est QUE DU PUR BONHEUR!
Dear Friends and Dobermann Lovers,

My name is Josef Drujan and I am originally from Russia and I now live in Singapore. My Wife Kristina and Me are now the proud owners of Dottore Lecter del Palazzo di Shanta son of the Multi Ch.Zordan Zewi del Citone and Borgia Lucrèce del Palazzo di Shanta.
We truly thank full for the time spend with you,Kinez and your dogs and for all the help and advise you have given us. I could not have imagined to have found nicer people and a more beautifull dobermann.
I wish you all the best in all you're endevours.

Kristina and Josef
Hello Everybody!
5 Marvellous pups are born the 25th of August to "AL DOBERMANN" in UK!

2 brown females, 1 black little Lady, 1 brown male and 1 black male!
They are the sons and daughters of My So Wonderful Coubratt del Palazzo di Shanta & Ride Farm Laurie!

For more informations , thanks to send one mail or call, my Excellent Friend, Mr Alain Leconte:
Phone: 00447795236013 / eMail: allain_74@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.al-dobermann.com/

We wish you All the Best and lot's of Succes Dear Alain!
Congratulations to Laurie whos one extraordinary Mummy and to Our Coubratino!
We are very proud to present you "Don Salvatore Totorina Del Palazzo di Shanta" son of our "Graaf Monzon v.Neerlands Stam" & our "Bomba -Latina Del Palazzo di Shanta".
"Salvo" is born the 14th of May 2008 and hes in co-ownership with our Excellent Friends J.F & Emilie Concand who are also the lucky owners of "Dahlia Nera Del Palazzo di Shanta" one of the marvellous daughters of the "Multi-Champion Zordan Zewi del Citone" and our "Borgia Lucrèce Del Palazzo di Shanta"!

Coubratt Del Palazzo di Shanta
at 17 months - Son of my Sergius Alecsandrija Svetlana x Prinz Paris v. Jahrestal HDA/EYES FREE/CARDIO FREE

Owner: Alain Lecomte, "AL Dobermann" kennel
Address in uk : 45 Ditton Gree, Woodditton, cb8 9sq Newmarket Suffolk Tel: 00447795236013

Address in Dubai: p.o 111888, World Trade Center Complex
Convention Center Building, 5floor, Dubai/UAE

Tel: 00971504589011, e-mail: allain_74@hotmail.com

Our Wonderfull Dottore Lecter Del Palazzo di Shanta at 3,5 months!
Son of Multi - Champion Zordan Zewi del Citone & Our Borgia Lucrezia Del Palazzo di Shanta
Many thanks to his lucky owner, Mr Joseph Drujan who lives to Singapore for putting their confidence in us! We're so Proud and Happy and we wish to them one Marvellous Life full oh Love and Happyness!
Patty & Kinez
Kinez in Big Love with Djill DPDS at 1 month daughter of
Graaf Monzon v.NEERLANDS STAM X Bomba Latina DPDS
Miss Dior Del Palazzo di Shanta at 3,5 months
Multi Champion Zordan Zewi del Citone x Borgia Lucrezia DPDS
ZZ x Lucrezia
"Coubratt Del Palazzo di Shanta" at 15 months!
Son of my S.A Svetlana and Prinz Paris V.Jahrestal
"My 2 Super Babies: Dottore Lecter & Dior-Eris at 9 weeks with Dejan and Djorge!"
Zordan Zewi del Citone x Borgia Lucrezia Del Palazzo di Shanta
"Dee Jay Del Palazzo di Shanta" at 5 weeks!
Hes the Marvellous son of Ch.Zordan Zewi Del Citone and Our Borgia Lucrezia del Palazzo di Shanta.
" Grand Father, Daughter & Grand daughter!"
Ayrton, Borgia Lucrece and Dolce Divina at 9 weeks!
                                     -May 2008-
Diamond Eris Toscani DPDS at 8 weeks!
(Multi.Ch Zordan Zewi del Citone x Borgia Lucrèce del Palazzo di Shanta)
Owners: Patricia & Velisav RUIZ-PANTOVIC
We are So Happy and Proud to present you our New Star, "Dior-Eris del Palazzo di Shanta", at 6 weeks - daughter of Ch.Zordan Zewi del Citone and our Borgia Lucrezia DPDS!
Our Dream is realised!
Male's Band!
at 6 weeks - Sons of Ch.Zordan Zewi del Citone and Borgia Lucrezia Del Palazzo di Shanta
"2 black males and 1 black female are available!"

female at 6 weeks daughter of Zordan Zewi del Citone & Borgia Lucrezia DPDS
Nina and her Dolce Divina at 5 weeks!
Zordan Zewi del Citone & Borgia Lucrezia DPDS

Big Succes for Del Palazzo di Shanta!
"Selection Show of DCF to Saint-Maximin La Sainte Beaume" - Francia - 13 of April 2008
Judge: Mme Erika Szokol
60 dobermanns

* Beyoncé del Palazzo di Shanta has made for her second show at 17 months 1er EXC IC.
* Our Star Bella Virna del Palazzo di Shanta 1er EXC IC / BEST FEMALE and Best TAT: 20/20 at 17 months.
* Be Massaï del Palazzo di Shanta has winned the IC, Best Male and BOB (for his second show at 17 months!)
We are So Proud and Happy!
Congratulations to F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell and Via Vitessa de Léa Modéna the Super Parents of our 3 Wonderful Babies!
And many thanks to Peggy and Bernard owners of Be Massaï and Beyoncé and to Muriel and Alex owners of Bella-Virna! And one Big Thank to Jean Paul and Maurice!
Be Massaï, Bernard his super owner and myself witth the Cup of BOB!
Mme Erika Szokol, Bernard & Peggy Marchal the Happy and Lucky owners of our Be Massaï!
Our Marvellous puppies are 1 month today!
Here Dottore Lecter DPDS
I'm The BEST!
Male 3 weeks - green collar
"Dottore Lecter Del Palazzo di Shanta" son of My Lucrezia and Zordan Zewi Del Citone at 17 days with Jordan.
Pup male at 2 weeks!

Black male at 1 week!
Zordan Zewi Del Citone x Borgia Lucrezia Del Palazzo di Shanta
We have 11 Marvellous Puppies - New Puppy Page
11 Merveilleux BB sont nés le 9 Mars 2008! - Voir Puppies page!
It's one immense pleasure to present you our Coubratt del Palazzo di Shanta son of our S.A Svetlana & Prinz Paris v.Jahrestal!
Coubratt is 12 months on this picture. He's really Handsome with one Fantastic character! We have many hopes in him!
Coubratt lives between Dubaï & UK with our Big Friend Alain!
All The Best to them!

We're so proud to present you our "Casanova-Casper del Palazzo di Shanta" with James his owner.
Casper is just 14 months and he's the Wonderful Son of Our So Lovely Sergius-Aleksandrija Svetlana & Prinz Paris V.Jahrestal
Our Splendid "Al Diamante DPDS" at 27 months
Owners: Nuria & Esteve - Barcelona

My Wonderful "Ayrton Junior Del Palazzo di Shanta" at 2 years!
Son of my "Graaf Monzon" and My "Vivre la France v.Gebranten Walde"
Ayrton Jr. is one Exc male, so short and compact with one very strong and stable character!
Congratulations to Philippe his owner!
One Super New for the New Year :
We're really Proud and very Happy to announce that
Our Wonderful "Borgia-Lucrèce Del Palazzo di Shanta"
daughter of our Ayrton di Campovalano (who's 11 years now) and our Eris del Mediano will be mated in January 2008 by...................

Many many thanks to El Dottore Pierluiggi Pezzano and to Mme Giordano!
For more informations, thanks to send us one mail to: piazadoramali@aol.com

  • AIAD CH.
  • HDA
  • ZTP 1A  V
  •  IPO 3
  • CARDIO Free
January 2008
New pictures of Our Magnificient "Bahia del Palazzo di Shanta" at 16 months! Daughter of Our Via Vitessa de Léa Modéna x Ch.F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell
Owners: Nuria and Esteve breeders of "Demonheart Dobermanns" - Spain -
Many thanks to Nury and Esteve for all they make for our Pretty Bahia! We wish them All The Best!
"Coca Cola makes me drunk!"
Be Massaï at 16 months son of my Via Vitessa and F'Hiram
My Be Massaï and Beyoncé who're 15 months, son and daughter of F'Hiram and Via-Vitessa.
Our Lovely "Bahia Del Palazzo di Shanta" at 14 months.
Daughter of our Via Vitessa de Léa Modena & Ch.F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell.
Bahia is going to live in Spain with our Big Friends Nuria & Esteve owners of our "Al Diamante"!
"You're one Extraordinary female Bahia!, Good Luck Baby! You're going to have One Super Life!"

HAPPY LIFE!" Al Diamante and Esteve - Barcelona - Nov 2007
"Bella-Virna at 13 months with Goran"
Our Best Friends Dragan & Lela Kovacevic - " De Léa Modena Kennel" - Paris, owners of Dallas Royal Bell and Britta Alan's Proud, Kinez & me are So Proud and Happy to announce you that our Bella-Virna Del Palazzo di Shanta daughter of our Via-Vitessa de Léa Modéna & Ch.F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell has made 1EXC in Young Class black females and Best Young of the show!
Judge: Mr Pierluiggi PEZZANO.

Bella Virna has made 1EXC Young Class Black Females and "BEST YOUNG" to the "XVII Exposicion de Campeonato de Cria" in Spain
Judges: Mme Barbara Corsini & Dottore P.Pezzano

IDC 2007 Desio

Youth Class - Judge: P. Pezzano
SG4 on 55 females - "Bella-Virna del Palazzo di SHANTA" (F`Hiram Abif Royal Bell x Via-Vitessa de Lea Modena)
Im Super Proud of My Wonderful Virna whos just 12 months old! Its one Excellent result for her second show!
Many thanks to Muriel and Alex her owners and to Goran Vojnovic her handler who has made his Best for her!
I wish to all of them ALL THE BEST FOR THE FUTURE!

My Bohemian-King Del Palazzo di Shanta with Lady Maraval!
The Magnificient son of My Ayrton and My Eris at 16 months.

Al Diamante Del Palazzo di Shanta at 20 months
Son of My Monzon and my Vivre la France
My Wonderful "Alejandro Del Palazzo di Shanta" at 13 months
son of My Monzon and my Vivre la France
Two Banditas!
Catalina-Mia DPDS at 6 weeks old
Daughter of My Amalia & My Monzon and her
Best Friend, Miss Bianca!
"Bodyguard Del Palazzo di Shanta at 7 months with Cath, his super owner! Son of my Via-Vitessa de Léa Modéna & F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell I have lots of hopes in Bodyguard whos one Real Warrior full of Elegance & Charisma!
Millau - France
CACS -1th of July 2007
Judge: Mr C.Voilet

  • Borgia-Lucrece DPDS - First show at 15 months - 1er Exc - IC
  • Bomba-Latina DPDS - First show at just 9 months - 1er Exc- YC
  • Gr.Monzon VNS - 1er Exc OC - CACS