Every life has a story and this is mine

Follow the way of love.
New Testament - I Corinthians 14:1

"Nylon" one of the famous horses of my father
Morocco 1959
My first dog & me Taky & me in Morocco
ROYAL GUARD IN MOROCCO my father,the man of my life my father during one horse racing

"Only one thing counts, loved being; everything else is rubbish."
Louis Aragon

My father
at 20 years
I Love you Papa!
Look for you......
Need to find you
My mother & her husband

my brother at 15 years
Mickael and His Royal Highness The Prince Moulay Abdellah of MOROCCO my mother

"I am not caused by my history--my parents, my childhood and development. These are mirrors in which I may catch glimpses of my image."
  James Hillman


The Starfish

An old man was walking along the beach, when he came upon a part of the sand where thousands of starfish had washed ashore. A little further down the beach he saw a young woman, who was picking up the starfish one at a time and tossing them back into the ocean. "Oh you silly girl," he exclaimed. "You can't possibly save all of these starfish. There's too many." The woman smiled and said, "I know. But I can save this one, " and she tossed another into the ocean, "and this one", toss, "and this one..."

(This story was adapted from a poem written by Randy Poole called The Difference He Made - read poem)

Christ the Redeemer Statue on Corcovado Mountain