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Campovalano - dobermann kennel from Italy
AIAD - Official Site
The Portuguese Dobermann Association - Official Site
Euro Dobermann - dobermann site from Germany

Dobermann Review - dobermann site from Yugoslavia 
Dobermann Style - site from Hungary
Dobermannplanet - site from Serbia
Demonheart Dobermanns - Dobermann kennel from Spain - Homepage of "AL DIAMANTE DEL PALAZZO DI SHANTA" &                                                                                                                               "BAHIA DEL PALAZZO DI SHANTA" &
                                                                                                                               "EASY GOING IKE DEL PALAZZO DI SHANTA"
Tahi-réme - dobermann kennel from Hungary
Di Casa Fox - dobermann kennel from Italy
Hero di Casa Fox - Italy
del Mediano - dobermannkennel from Hungary

Sergius-Aleksandrija - kennel from Russia
Filimamont - Dobermann Kennel from Russia

 Del Nasi - Dobermann Kennel from Slovania

River Hill - dobermann kennel from USA
Tamerlan iz Slavnoi Stai - stud male from Russia
Irinland - dobermann kennel from Russia
Santa Julf - dobermann kennel from Russian
Altobello - dobermann kenel from Serbia
Von Nemesis - dobermann kenel from Germany
Archie Halitpasa Alargo Bohemia - stud male from Czeck
Ardens - dobermann kennel from Italy
Paradiz Ronado -Dobermann kennel from Russia
del Littorio - dobermann kennel from Italy

De Grande Vinko - dobermann kennel from Russia
Betelges - dobermann kennel from Serbia
Come As You Are - dobermann kennel from Serbia
von Excalibur- dobermann kennel from Germany
CAYA Godric - stud male from Germany
Russkaia Mechta Andor Absolut - stud male
Graphic-Line Favorit - stud male from Russia
Teraline - kennel from Russia
Alargo Bohemia - dobermann kennel from Czeck
Gem Givveeon - dobermann kennel from Latvia
Piligrimas - dobermann kennel from Latvia
Doberhome Kennels - dobermann kennel from Greece
ROSSIISKIY KOLORIT - dobermann kennel from Russia - Two dobermanns brothers Pimm`s and Punsh iz Doma Domen
Luna Scura - dobermann Kennel from England & Malta
Andy Dobermann - dobermann Kennel from Mexico
World of Dobermanns
Chiens de France, l'union des e'leveurs de chiens de race.
Chiens de race -Video In Tribute to Sunny & Apollo
Association Galgos France
Dobermann Rescue - Hungary
Dobermann Passion - dobermann rescue and rehoming organization
Dobermann-hilfe - dobermann rescue
Association Dobermann En Detresse
Dobermann Assistance
K9 Intrenational Dog School - site from czechia
Arkasdog - Il y a 13620 sites référencés dans cet annuaire
Cani Chiens - Site from France
Rock of Ages Kennel - Canis Panther breeding, boarding & training kennel
Isabelle Mériot - Peintre Animalier
chiot a vendre
Chien a vendre dans le 34

Webanimo - Annuaire Animalier