"There are three spiritual forces in the earth. The Spirit of God, the spirit of man, and the spirit of Satan.... All three spirits are in the realm of the fourth dimension, so naturally spirits can hover over the material third dimension and exercise creative powers.... "The Holy Spirit said, 'My son, man still does not realize the spiritual power that I have given him.'" "Yes, I said, realizing what God was referring to.... False prophets had power in the realm of the spirit because they had come to realize their potential."

(Paul Yonggi (David) Cho, The Fourth Dimension, Volume Two, p. 38)


Maxima Maxiama, Lella & Pia
Maxima bite Monzon bite

di Campovalano
Iury di Campovalano Merak di Campovalano Elpatian di Campovalano
Zuma di Campovalano
Tula Dei Nobili Nati Quinn Dei Nobili Nati
Fashion dei Nobli Nati
Deister di Campovalano Gamon di Campovalano Graaf Quirinus
v. Neerlands Stam
Mali di Campovalano
Nira di Campovalano Dyron di Campovalano
Vartan di Campovalano
Pia Zadora Mali
de Fassano
Alfa Adelante
del Citone
Prinz v.Norden Stamm Quinn dei Nabili Nati
Kastra v.Norden Stamm
Tequila Mali del Citone Lucifer v.Roveline
Haina del Citone
Mia de Fassano Luther des Landrys Graaf Quirinus v.Neerlands Stamm
Havila Tara des Landrys
Beersheva Novalis Mia v Norden Stamm
Erick v.d. Rappenau

When the little prince arrived on the Earth, he was very much surprised not to see any people. He was beginning to be afraid he had come to the wrong planet, when a coil of gold, the color of the moonlight, flashed across the sand.

"Good evening," said the little prince courteously.
"Good evening," said the snake.
"What planet is this on which I have come down?" asked the little prince.
"This is the Earth; this is Africa," the snake answered.
"Ah! Then there are no people on the Earth?"
"This is the desert. There are no people in the desert. The Earth is large," said the snake.
The little prince sat down on a stone, and raised his eyes toward the sky.
"I wonder," he said, "whether the stars are set alight in heaven so that one day each one of us may find his own again... Look at my planet.
It is right there above us. But how far away it is!"
"It is beautiful," the snake said. "What has brought you here?"
"I have been having some trouble with a flower," said the little prince.
"Ah!" said the snake.
And they were both silent.

The Little Prince