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L`homme de génie est celui qui fait vite ce que les autres font lentement
  Jean de la Fontaine


Important dogs from kennel:

  • Elisir di Campovalano
    Bundessieger, AlAD champion, International champion, Champion among the stud males, SchH III and ZTP.
  • Lema di Campovalano
    Two time IDC Sieger, Italian and International champion,
    AlAD Sieger, SchH III and ZTP

  • Olaf di Campovalano
    Italian champion, social champion AIAD, IDC Sg,
    Champion Monegasco, World champion,
    International Champion,ZTP.
  • Quorry di Campovalano
    DV SG,World champion, Italian champion
    AIAD champion, SchH III , ZTP

  • Gamon di Campovalano
    World Junior Winner '91 ,International Champion,
    Champion of Italiy, Austria, Monaco,DV Jugensieger,
    DV Sieger '95,IDC Jugensiege, IDC Sieger,SchH I, IPO II
  • Farah di Campovalano
    AIAD Siegerin 2000,"Caliandro Trophy" winner 2000
    Vice World Champion 2000, IDC Siegerin 2000


Gabriele Prosperi

Caienna di Villa Castell

Gabriele Prosperi with Elisir di Campovalano

Gina Prosperi with Lema di Campovalano

Gabriele with Lema di Campovalano

Gina & Gabriele Prosperi

Gabriele with Gamon di Campovalano

he history of "di Campovalano" kennel begins in 1975 when Mr.Gabriele Prosperi and his wife Gina, acquired their first dobermann, Boy Diamond, a beautiful black male. When Boy was five months old, he got the bilateral inflammation of the under jaw and many people called him ugly and said that he had to be put down. But the love that Mr.Prosperi and his wife grow for this dog was so deep that it didn't let them surrender. After consultations with numbers of specialists, they cured him and he recovered - it was a true miracle!
Maybe just for sheer prank, maybe because they wanted to prove something to those that considered they effort useless, they decided to take part at the International Dog Show in Verona. Boy unexpectedly won 3rd place! Shortly after, he repeated his success at Varese by winning 2nd place.

It was a really fantastic event in Vercelli: Boy got the "Best of Breed" title and they saw that the gaits of success were open; they were winning everywhere, from small shows to the big ones. They were full of enthusiasm and simply stunned by the success. It seemed that Boy Diamond wanted to thank them for saving his life and for their faith in him. He really brought them the great joy, and they decided to find him the girlfriend to play with. So it was when Caienna di Villa Castelli came to their residence.

It was 1978 and Bundessieger show was in Essen, Germany. They decided to participate and - what a great triumph! Diamond made 2nd in champions class, while Caienna won the title of Jungendbundessieger.

Kennel "di Campovalano" was just raising, but its name already became famous in European rings. The foundation female of the kennel, Caienna was bred to her litter brother Cito and gave a litter worth of respect: Enter, Essen, Eclatant and Elit. Elit was a splendid bitch that was bred to Egor v.d. Eland later in Holland. From this combination Vita and Vera were born. Than Vera was bred to Arrow v. Harro's Berg and two beautiful puppies were born: Faltore and Flou. Out of Vita and Bjorn v. Stockenbrand were born Zardog, Zoe and Zuma.

"E" litter in "di Campovalano" kennel became famous mostly thanks to the only male in litter, Elisir di Campovalano. He was a high-class dog with excellent conformation, with the most typical signs of the breed and remarkable psychical and morphological characteristics. Among his titles are: Bundessieger, AlAD champion, International champion, champion among the stud males, SchH III and ZTP.

Elisir is recognized as one of the best producers in Europe. He gave great descendants. Among his numerous litters the most famous was the litter out of Favorit del Verdiano, which gave Lira, Linz, Lanser, Lamiel and Lema - the dog with the most typical gender characteristics and the same exciting breed qualities as her father had: beautiful head and very harmonious body. Lema became two time IDC Sieger, Italian and International champion, AlAD Sieger, she passed SchH III and ZTP. Lema had excellent conformation and wonderful temper.

In order to decide who to mate Lema with, Mr.Prosperi advised with Mr.Pezzano and Mr.Vogel and, after lots of searching, they opted for Ilk v. Gaxhartewald. Lema and Ilk gave dogs of remarkable quality level: Ogami, Orion, Otero and the unforgettable Gold, a splendid brown female with the perfect head and an enviable character.

Everyone remembers the qualities, alertness and temper, the virtues that Lema passed on to all their sons like from her litter with Baron Brayan v. Harrosberg: Ciado, Cid, Cheops and Cianda. Or to Eltaipan, the only son she had from Quorry.

With her owner Anna Marensi Ogami achieved SchH I, ZTP and the title of Italian and AIAD champion. Also Orion, with Nicoletta Natives of Bergamo, obtained the same titles.

Otero, the smallest of the puppies, also achived SchH II with his owner Gianni Chionna. And even that he wasn't as beautiful as his siblings, but surely with great bloodline, Otero coupled with Kondortarek di Villa Castelli gave splendid progeny like Ombra and Olaf. Shadow, the bigger brother, was coupled with Mardock di Campovalano and Perry and Black Perla di Campovalano were born.

Perla was a powerful female with remarkable body and she obtained large number of titles including the champion of Monegasca and Austria.

The brother of Shadow, Olaf, a brown male always did well in the shows thanks to the merits of his owner, Andrea Vandini. He got ZTP and became Italian champion, social champion AIAD IDC Sg, champion monegasco, champion of the world in Dortmund and international champion.

"To quetso point but I look at myself forced - it continues Prospers to make a jump behind and to return to Zuma di Campovalano that, coupled with Eltaipan, it produced of the subjects like Wessel Wikita and Mardok, Malì and Merak. A this last powerful male brown of property of Francisco Lanzieri, has achieved the Sch H I, the ZTP, the title it of BDJsg and that one of Italian champion.
Coupled then with Tula of the noble ones Been born he produced of the worthy subjects of he, Jura that with to Vittorio Stazzu the title has conquered it BDGJsg and then Jaska, Juri and Jron; Jaska, with the mistress owner Michela Todeschini, with which it had a morboso relationship, taken the licence and the ZTP and adjudicated the title it Dvsg, Italian champion and of world-wide champion the ICF to Valencia.

Not to then forget Prudenz di Campovalano that coupled with Blue Arc of Coppo House, generated Blue Boy (SchH II and the ZTP) and Elimianator.
Blue Boy was a subject always in prominence, even if of blue color and medium ransom, its power was concentrated (70 cm. for 43 chili), had a great log, of the optimal angles and ua beautifulst dorsal liea. Sure they do not give little the sister Elimianator, anch' blue it, that she was coupled with Elisir and nacquero Tatun, Topic, Thor and Thabata that in its turn were coupled with Heart di Campovalano and gave to the light one cucciolata much homogenous composed one from Urak, Utrk and Ulma a beautifulst bitch of which my moglie was gelosa.

Excellent the morphologic structure of the two males Urak and Utrk, both loved with great passion from you respect owners to you Lucia Luparini and Mark Bordering ".

But returning to Elisir we cannot sure forget the Selema daughter and its Hunter son had from Igo von Forell. From Hunter and Patrol of Campovalano, a splendid daughter of Elisir, nacque in fact one cucciolata with great characterial and morphologic dowries composed from Quorry, Quarel, Quiver, Quic and Qunz that were yielded to Mario Brandinari, an optimal owner, even if of advanced age, that she has found in Qunz a true companion.
But the true prototype of the cucciolata one was Quorry, a subject very constructed with a strong skeleton and one head very proporzionata with a strong snout and very pronounced jaw. To 22 months it became Dvsg, champion of the world, Italian champion and champion AIAD and conquered SchH III and the ZTP.

A sweet memory goes then to Daxan, son of Hunter and Fairy a dog that according to Gina Giglio rispecchiava a lot the characteristics of perhaps Prospers and is just for that its sympathy conquered all.

The last one s dobermann are those of the family of Gamon di Campovalano, the Ghero brother and the sisters Gioil, Great Blue, Ginca Grefi; that storm cannot be forgotten about sympathy that is Jolly and the other companions who currently divide the life with Prospers like Elimianator, Tosca, Sun, Gold and the promising Hawk, son of Gamon that rispecchia in great full load the qulità of the father. Splendid also the siblings Fire Fax, Falcon, Fire and Foreman, this last one yielded in Japan where it has already conquered two tito them of champion.